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Introduction to REACT International

REACT International,was founded in 1962, by Peter Kreer. Pete was able to get help to a young couple stranded during a snow storm on the freeway in Chicago Illinois, USA, using a mobile C.B. radio. His dream was for a simple network of volunteer monitors in every town and city who could and would respond to calls for help and relay their message to agencies in their local community responsible for providing assistance.

REACT UK was formed in 1982, under licence from REACT INTERNATIONAL in the United States, its teams were located across the UK. Our primary role was the monitoring of the 27 Mhz FM citizen band emergency channel 9.

REACT UK also provided members equipped with mobiles and handheld to provide radio coverage for marathons, fun runs, county shows - it also obtained a Private Mobile Radio (PMR) licence so its members had a secure private radio channel.

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