Training & Personal Development

Training is given the highest priority in REACT UK. We provide a structured training scheme through competency based training to meet the needs of the organisation. This system has the advantage of flexibility and the ability to recognise provable existing knowledge. 
To gain anything from a structured organisation or training scheme, regular commitment is important and operational members are required and expected to attend our fortnightly evening training session and monthly full day training. 

REACT UK Water Rescue Team swiftwater rescue training at RESCUE 3 Europe in Bala Wales


REACT UK volunteers are required to develop, maintain and advance skills in a variety of training relevant to which ever unit they choose to serve such as:-
  • Flood and Swiftwater rescue training:- DEFRA Level 1 Awareness - Level 2 Responder & Level 3 Technician Swiftwater Rescue Boat Operator - DEFRA Level 4  
  • RYA 2 Powerboat coxswain 
  • RYA Advanced coxswain  
  • RYA Safety boat coxswain 
  • RYA Sea survival 
  • RYA First Aid 
  • Radio communications skills - MCA VHF GMDSS Marine radio operator 
  • 4x4 Off road driving skills
  • IHCD FPOS Basic & Intermediate 
  • BHF Heartstart emergency life support 
  • Scottish Mental Health First aid
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)  
  • Map reading & navigation 
  • Lowland search technician       
  • Incident management 
  • We are often invited to external training sessions provided by organisations such as ScoRDS, Tayside SCG, etc.

New members, who have no previous experience, are offered a foundation course followed by comprehensive training in a variety of specialisations, leading to progressive series of nationally recognised qualifications, such as RYA boating skills, RYA Marine radio operator cert, HSE First Aid, Swiftwater rescue responder & technician levels,etc.


As training progresses, step by step, members are encouraged by a growing sense of achievement, together with the unique blend of comradeship and social involvement which REACT UK offers them. 

Each member can progress as far as he or she wishes and in time may become an instructor, thus ensuring our skills are passed on to the next generation.    

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